Nicholas Westfall, NBCT

Nick Westfall is a National Board Certified physical educator at Alexander Hamilton High School in Los Angeles. He is also a filmmaker who has written directed two movies (Finding Home and 8 Slices) and is currently writing his third movie, a biopic on guitar hero Eric Gales.
Following to a T – and add a rap!
Nicholas Westfall, NBCTJanuary 12, 2021

I was in sixth grade during the “No Child Left Behind” era. I was told to choose a career path and somehow determine whether I should take advanced placement, college-prep, or college-tech prep courses in high school. I was eleven years old. I had no career in mind so, with tears in my eyes, I asked my father, “What should I do?” “Well, Nick, you can be anything you want… Just as long as it’s not retail.” My father explained how much he hated working weekends and the absurdly long hours from Thanksgiving to Christmas. I was convinced, but his…

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