Rebecca Blouwolff, NBCT

Rebecca Blouwolff has taught French at Wellesley Middle School outside Boston, MA since 1998. She is passionate about creating culture-rich lessons for diverse learners, taught entirely in French. Rebecca achieved National Board Certification in 2017 and was named 2019 Teacher of the Year by the Massachusetts Foreign Language Association and Northeast Conference on Teaching of Foreign Languages. Follow her on Twitter @MmeBlouwolff and read her blog at

To One’s Own Standards Be True

April 11, 2019

Exploring Project-Based Learning Through the Lens of National Board Standards After I achieved National Board certification in 2017, I found that I had “Standards Glasses” newly, and permanently, welded to my face. Every lesson, project, and unit prompted in me these tough questions: (How) does this suit my particular students? Is this appropriate at this point in the year? Is this worthy of precious class time? Will this be suitably challenging for my students? How will this contribute to my students’ overall learning? I guess you could say I’d internalized the Architecture of Accomplished Teaching. Asking these questions prompted me…

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