Susan Collins, NBCT

Susan Collins is a National Board Certified Teacher specializing in elementary general music. She is currently teaching at Manzanita Elementary School in Kingman, AZ. She earned a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree of Music Education at Delta State University in Cleveland, MS. During her teaching career she has spear headed local, state, and national collaborations to impact student achievement and advocate for the teaching profession. Susan has a passion for teacher wellness at all levels, especially mid career teachers facing burnout. She is excited and enthusiastic about finding new avenues for recruiting and retaining teachers in Arizona, and advocating for teacher voices to be part of sustainable education policy.

Persevering Through My Journey to National Board Certification

December 15, 2017

I wanted to love teaching. I wanted to be creative and enjoy watching my students learn. I had hit mid-career burnout, and I hated it! I needed to find my purpose and passion again. Was it possible? I knew about National Board Certification. Colleagues told me how it changed their teaching and they encouraged me to investigate. I wanted to be a better teacher but didn’t want another degree. I wanted to dig deep into what I do and make it better. I became a National Board Teacher Candidate. During the first year, I worked tirelessly: writing commentary, video recording…

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