Stephanie Johnson, NBCT

Stephanie M. Johnson is a 2nd grade educator in the South Carolina public school system. She have been teaching for 13 years and is national board certified in Early/Middle Childhood Literacy. Johnson enjoys consulting, public speaking, coaching, and community.

C.E.O of your Classroom? Why not?

May 7, 2019

Some of my best memories as a child occurred when I was in elementary school.  Since I was a child, community has been a large part of my life. I attended a community school that played a significant role in my upbringing.  There were many activities and programs at school and church that encouraged participation.  I distinctly remember the happiness and presence of family, members of the community, and my peers when there were PTO meetings, school performances, or school carnivals.  There were always local leaders such as nurses, firemen, and policemen with “McGruff,” the crime dog, who assisted in…

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