Stacey McCluskey, NBCT

Stacey McCluskey is a teacher, mother, wife and registered Maine guide.  She teaches 8th grade at Carrabec Community School in North Anson, Maine.   In the summer she proudly spends time  in the outdoors with local kids, helping them to become young naturalists by hiking, paddling, fishing and just “checking out cool stuff.”  Stacey is a Maine Writing Project Teacher Consultant and is on a mission to create an outdoor magazine written “by teens for everyone.”  She lives in Kingfield, Maine with her husband John, son Jackson, and pets.  
Networking for Success
Stacey McCluskey, NBCTJanuary 12, 2017

Before the end of the year, I experienced a perfect day for a hike. It was breezy and cool. The air had that sweet smell and the sky was cloudless. I had driven for about an hour to reach my destination, and upon my arrival, stepped out of my car, took a deep breath of fresh air, hoisted my bags onto my shoulders, and walked down a paved pathway to sit inside for the next four hours. The Bigelow Mountains would have to wait. This day was for networking.* Teaching is like hiking. Preparation helps to ensure an enjoyable experience,…

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