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Sarah Yost, NBCT teaches 8th grade English language arts at Oldham County Middle School in Oldham County, Kentucky. She has served as the district’s secondary teacher lead for the NT3 pilot, as the NBCT Advisor for the Kentucky NT3 State Steering Committee, as well as on the Kentucky NT3 Advisory Board and is a member of the Kentucky National Board Network. Sarah is passionate about the power of National Board resources to transform professional learning and bring about greater equity for students. Follow her on Twitter @SarahYost1
The Power of National Board Resources in Career and Technical Education
Sarah Yost, NBCTJuly 19, 2018

“When I first came on, no one believed that an automotive kid would be going to college,” says Matt Watkins, principal of the Arvin Center, a Career and Technical Education (CTE) Center serving students in Oldham County, Kentucky. “But anymore, those jobs in the automotive industry require higher order skills like computer science. The high-paying jobs on the line are becoming automated; but that doesn’t mean kids aren’t still interested in working in this field.” From his first year overseeing the Arvin Center in 2009-10, Matt has envisioned CTE as more than an alternative track for students who are not…

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