Tony Zani, NBCT

Tony Zani has been teaching students to read, write, and think since 2000. He is currently a Literacy Coach in Salt Lake City and specializes in teacher leadership. Tony earned his National Board Certification in 2007 and 2017 and holds a Master’s degree in Educational Leadership. Tony is passionate about providing all of Salt Lake City’s students with a world-class education

Teachers Aren’t Soldiers

October 18, 2019

I am a National Board Certified Teacher and a ten-year veteran of the United States Army. Two things I know well are education and weapons. Let’s not mix them. There are companies that offer concealed carry permit classes to teachers. Politicians across the country have expressed that armed teachers are a good way to stop school shootings. Some even suggest paying teachers a stipend for getting weapons training and carrying a gun at school. In my time in the Army, I spent an extraordinary amount of time learning to accurately fire a weapon in all sorts of stressful situations. It’s…

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