Tiffany Osborne, NBCT

Tiffany W. Osborne @TOsborneIF is the Associate Principal at Robert Anderson Middle School and is a National Board Certified Teacher (2008, 2018). She earned a Masters and Ed.S. degree from Furman University in Educational Leadership and is currently working on a Ed.D. in Education Systems Improvement Science through Clemson University.

The One Thing Every Great Leader Has Figured Out

September 11, 2018

A newly hired assistant principal asked me, “What qualities make an effective leader?” His goal this year is to observe established leaders in the field and identify commonalities. There is no shortage of research on the topic. Hundreds of books have been written about leadership, but my advice to him was simply this: become yourself. Take what you learn and make it applicable to you. That’s easier said than done when the current climate sends a different message. I have taken a dozen personality and leadership style inventories. Each attempts to identify areas of leadership strength and weakness. In my…

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