Troy Fredde, NBCT

Troy A. Fredde, is a NBCT in Literacy and a Reading Specialist. He also serves as a reviewer for the Reading Teacher, ILA’s flagship journal, and is an Academic Coach teaching online Graduate level courses at Northwest Missouri State University. He is proud to serve in a leadership role within his local chapter of NEA as Treasurer. He is currently running for a leadership role in the Missouri Literacy Association. He is married to his wife Kristina, has two daughters and 3 dogs.

Growing Your Own Practice & Putting Students First

May 18, 2020

I think most educators have a natural inclination to grow our own practice. We have the inner drive to learn more and become better at our craft. It is easy to lose that drive, however. In current times of high stakes testing teachers face the pressure for kids to look good on paper, which in turn makes schools look good on paper. This can breed a form of competitiveness that is toxic for any workplace, but especially in schools. In one instance, educators are being asked to be team players, to be productive members of their team. They have been…

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