Score Calculator

Candidates are encouraged to use this score calculator to measure the impact of possible scores. This hands-on tool can help candidates test out various scenarios to develop a strategy for retaking components. Make sure to use only estimates of reasonable scores according to the scoring rubric.

  1. Use the number inputs to enter your highest scores for the assessment component exercises and portfolio components.
  2. Only numeric scores can be entered in the calculator. If you received ‘NS’ for one or more components/exercises, the calculator will not work.
  3. The Assessment Center Section Average and Portfolio Section Average values will only calculate once all scores for the section have been entered.
  4. The Total Weighted Scaled Score will only calculate if all scores for both Assessment Center and Portfolio sections have been entered.
  5. Once all necessary scores have been entered, the “Met Score Requirement” column will show ‘Yes’ if your scores meet the requirement.
Assessment Center Section: Component 1 Highest Unweighted Score (HUS) Scaling Weight (SW) Weighted Scaled Score (HUS x SW)
Exercise 1 2.788 0.000
Exercise 2 2.788 0.000
Exercise 3 2.788 0.000
Selected Response Items 8.365 0.000
Assessment Center Section Average Score:
Portfolio Section: Components 2, 3, & 4 Highest Unweighted Score (HUS) Scaling Weight (SW) Weighted Scaled Score (HUS x SW)
Component 2 6.274 0.000
Component 3 12.548 0.000
Component 4 6.274 0.000
Portfolio Section Average Score:
Total Weighted Scaled Score:
Score Requirements Highest Score Met Score Requirement?
Assessment Center Section Average Score of at least 1.75 No
Portfolio Section Average of at least 1.75 No
Total Weighted Scaled Score of at least 110 No