Core Connections Webinars

The National Board made changes to provide flexibility for successfully completing your portfolio submissions, Renewal or Maintenance of Certification during the COVID-19 pandemic. Learn more on our Pursuing National Board Certification during COVID-19 page. Create a National Board account to learn the latest National Board candidate news.  

The National Board has worked to be a professional resource for all teachers during the COVID-19 crisis. See below for access to our webinar series designed for all educators – National Board Certified Teachers, candidates pursuing certification, and any other educators, too. Please join us and feel free to share this information with colleagues.

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5/13Thursday7:30 PM, ETBuilding a Community of Learners through Culturally Responsive Teaching

Replays and Resources

In January and February we hosted a webinar series focused on each of the National Board’s four components. Check out this page for replays and resources

DateVirtual Tools and Platforms
3/19/20Zoom for Virtual Teaching (Resources)
3/26/20Using Flipgrid (Resources)
4/6/20Using Class Dojo (Resources)
4/14/20Tech Tips for Cyber Safety (Resources)
4/28/20Apps, Apps and More Apps for Learning and Review (Resources)
4/30/20Remote-Learning During Coronavirus: Use of Public TV (Resources)
7/21/20Platforms, Tools, Applications: Oh My! (Resources)
8/20/20Padlet and Jamboard (Resources)
9/3/20Creating your Bitmoji Classroom (Resources)
10/22/20Everything You Wanted to Know about Technology to Teach With but Were Afraid to Ask (Resources)
DateCommunity and Student and Parent Engagement
3/24/20Let's Take it Offline (Resources)
3/31/20Building Community with Students (Resources)
4/2/20Building Community with Educators (Resources)
4/16/20Engaging Early Childhood Students Virtually (ages 3-8)(Resources)
4/21/20Engaging Early Adolescence and AYA Students Virtually (11-18)(Resources)
4/23/20Engaging Middle Level Students (Resources)
5/12/20Engaging Reluctant Students (Resources)
5/19/20Mapping the Milestones - A Road Map to a Transition to Summer (Resources)
5/21/20Engage and Support Parents - Be a Learning Hero! (Resources)
6/2/20The Voice of the Future - students speak about pandemic learning (Resources)
9/10/20Teacher Parent Partnership: Research-based tools for a different kind of year (Resources)
DateTeacher Self Care and SEL
2/18/21Self Care: Take a Breath for Success (Resources)
2/12/21Reflective Practice for Teachers (Resources)
10/29/20Self-Care for You and Your Students (Resources)
10/15/20It’s Not Impossible Unless I Say So (Resources)
7/23/20The Mindful Breath (Resources)
7/21/20Finding What Works: Starting School with Needs of Students, Parents and Teachers in Mind (Resources)
7/9/20Start the Year with Self Care in Mind (Resources)
5/28/20Strategies for Healthy Emotion Regulation During Uncertain Times with Marc Brackett (Resources)
5/18/20Re-set, Re-charge, and Refresh - It's time to recharge your battery! (Resources)
4/20/20Cultivating Resiliency in Community During Crisis (Resources)
4/13/20SEL - Caring connections in Cyberspace (Resources)
4/9/20Self Care: Mindful Meditation (Resources)
DateVirtual Learning - General and Designing Lessons
5/5/20Learning Keeps Going (Resources)
5/11/20Experiential Learning done Virtually (Resources)
5/26/20The Art & Science of Creating Unforgettable Learning Experiences with Steve Spangler (Resources)
6/15/20What it means to be news-literate: the skills students need to be reliably informed (Resources)
6/30/20Blended Learning Strategies (Resources)
7/20/20Core Connections: Blended and Virtual Learning (Resources)
7/20/20Designing Virtual Learning (Resources)
8/13/20School has begun: Learning from the first week (Resources)
8/27/20Project Based Learning: Designing high-quality online content (Resources)
10/1/20Manage "Virtual Discussions: Synchronous and Asynchronous" (Resources)
1/28/21Screen Time to Green Time (Resources)
4/15/21Virtual to Hybrid to In-Person Part 1: What has virtual learning taught us?
4/22/21Virtual to Hybrid to In-Person, Part 2: What tools and strategies to keep and what to drop? (Resources)
4/29/21A Year Like No Other: How can we archive this experience? (Resources)
DateSpecific Content Area
4/7/20Students with special needs (Resources)
4/27/20Support Student Learning with Music- Yes, You Can! (Resources)
5/4/20Art Integration - Hands on Help for Supporting Student Learning with Art (Resources)
5/7/20What about Writing? (Resources)
6/1/20The Reading-Writing Connection with Jen Jones (Resources)
6/15/20What it means to be news-literate: the skills students need to be reliably informed (Resources)
7/2/20Exploring the Misinformation Landscape (Resources)
9/17/20Special Education in Virtual Inclusion Setting (Resources)
9/24/20Teaching literacy in a virtual setting (Resources)
DateEquity and Social Justice
6/4/20An Inquiry in Equity- Belief Framework (Resources)
6/9/20An Inquiry in Equity- Educator Actions (Resources)
6/11/20An Inquiry in Equity- Systemic Improvement (Resources)
7/20/20Social Justice, Diversity, and Equity in Education (Resources)
7/20/20Infiltrating the System: Constructing Spaces for Critical Change (Resources)
7/20/20Disrupting Education: Advancing Social Justice and Equity in Schools (Resources)
7/28/20Creating Equity-Centered Classrooms for All Students (Resources)
11/5/20Educate, Advocate and Influence- How you can change the Future of Education (Resources)
11/12/20Culturally Responsive Literacy sponsored by the National Network of Accomplished Minoritized Educators (Resources)
11/19/20Your Opinion Matters - so share it! (Resources)
1/14/21Culturally Responsive Literacy Part 2- A Deep Dive into an Equity Framework (Resources)
1/21/21Advocacy: Getting the Attention of Policy Makers (Resources)
3/11/21Culturally Responsive Literacy Support for English Learners (Resources)
3/18/21Data for Decisionmakers – How to use research to support your advocacy goals (Resources)
3/25/21Joyous and Just Frameworks for Schools (Resources)
4/8/21Creating Independent Learners through Culturally Responsive Teaching (Resources)
DateProfessional Learning
5/14/20The Foundation of Teaching Core Connections (Resources)
5/19/20Mapping the Milestones - A Road Map to a Transition to Summer (Resources)
6/8/20Monday Moxie - Fuel Your Teacher Leadership (Resources)
6/29/20Advocacy for Educators- Let your voice be heard (Resources)
10/8/20Redefining Classroom Management for Online Instruction (Resources)
DateGrowing National Board
7/20/20Developing Strategies for Awareness and Advocacy (Resources)
7/21/20Building Partnerships for Funding: Associations, Community, Organizations and Others (Resources)
7/27/20Policy wins - How to do this in your state (Resources)
7/28/20Moving Forward as an Advocate (Resources)
DateSupport for National Board Candidates
7/20/20Going Virtual: Transitioning Facilitator Training to virtual (Resources)
7/21/20Transitioning to Virtual Candidate Support (Resources)
7/27/20Best Practices: Building and Examining Data for Program Support (Resources)
7/28/20Embedding ATLAS into your Candidate Support Program (Resources)
DateNational Board Candidates
7/20/20Nuts and Bolts of National Board Certification (Resources)
7/21/20Component 2 (Resources)
7/27/20Component 3 (Resources)
7/28/20Component 4 (Resources)
1/27/21Component 3 Deep Dive (Resources)
1/28/21Unpacking the Scoring Guide and Rubrics (Resources)
2/1/21Flexible options for candidates pursuing National Board Certification (Resources)
2/2/21Flexible options for candidates pursuing Maintenance of Certification (Resources)
2/3/21Flexible options for candidates pursuing Renewal (Resources)