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COVID-19 is changing our lives and forcing us to find ways to support one another. The National Board has worked to be a professional resource for all teachers – National Board Certified Teachers, candidates pursuing certification and any other educators, too. Please register for any of our upcoming webinars.

6/4Thursday 3:00 PM, ETAn Inquiry in Equity
6/2Tuesday3:00 PM, ETThe Voice of the Future - students speak about pandemic learning
6/1Monday3:00 PM ETThe Reading-Writing Connection with Jen Jones
5/28Thursday3:00 PM, ETStrategies for Healthy Emotion Regulation During Uncertain Times with Marc Brackett
5/26Tuesday3:00 PM, ETThe Art & Science of Creating Unforgettable Learning Experiences with Steve Spangler (Resources)
5/21Thursday3:00 PM, ETEngage and Support Parents - Be a Learning Hero! (Resources)
5/20Wednesday3:00 PM, ETTools to Help Students Manage Their Digital Wellbeing (Resources)
5/19Tuesday3:00 PM, ETMapping the Milestones - A Road Map to a Transition to Summer (Resources)
5/18Monday3:00 PM, ETRe-set, Re-charge, and Refresh - It's time to recharge your battery! (Resources)
5/14Thursday3:00 PM, ETThe Foundation of Teaching Core Connections (Resources)
5/12Tuesday3:00 PM, ETEngaging Reluctant Students (Resources)
5/11Monday3:00 PM, ETExperiential Learning done Virtually (Resources)
5/7Thursday3:00 PM, ETWhat about Writing? (Resources)
5/5Tuesday3:00 PM, ETLearning Keeps Going (Resources)
5/4Monday3:00 PM, ETArt Integration - Hands on Help for Supporting Student Learning with Art (Resources)
4/30Thursday3:00 PM, ETRemote-Learning During Coronavirus: Use of Public TV (Resources)
4/28Tuesday3:00 PM, ETApps, Apps and More Apps for Learning and Review (Resources)
4/27Monday3:00 PM, ETSupport Student Learning with Music- Yes, You Can! (Resources)
4/23Thursday3:00 PM, ETEngaging Middle Level Students (Resources)
4/21Tuesday3:00 PM, ETEngaging Early Adolescence and AYA Students Virtually (11-18)(Resources)
4/20Monday3:00 PM, ETCultivating Resiliency in Community During Crisis (Resources)
4/16Thursday3:00 PM, ETEngaging Early Childhood Students Virtually (ages 3-8) (Resources)
4/15Wednesday4:30 PM, ETATLAS 4 Candidates (Resources)
4/14Tuesday4:30 PM, ETTaping Virtual Lessons: Review of Guidance and Tips (Resources)
4/14Tuesday3:00 PM, ETTech Tips for Cyber Safety (Resources)
4/13Monday3:00 PM, ETSEL - Caring connections in Cyberspace (Resources)
4/9Thursday3:00 PM, ETSelf Care: Mindful Meditation (Resources)
4/7Tuesday4:30 PM, ETUpdate for Candidates (Resources)
4/7Tuesday3:00 PM, ETStudents with special needs (Resources)
4/6Monday3:00 PM, ETUsing Class Dojo (Resources)
4/2Thursday3:00 PM, ETBuilding Community with Educators (Resources)
4/2Thursday4:30 PM, ETUpdate for Candidates (Resources)
3/31Tuesday3:00 PM, ETBuilding Community with Students (Resources)
3/30Monday3:00 PM, ETStudent Engagagement (Resources)
3/26Thursday3:00 PM, ETUsing Flipgrid (Resources)
3/26Thursday4:30 PM, ETUpdate for National Board Candidates (Resources)
3/24Tuesday3:00 PM, ETLet's Take it Offline (Resources)
3/23Monday3:00 PM, ETUsing Google Classroom (Resources)
3/19Thursday3:00 PM, ETZoom for Virtual Teaching (Resources)
3/16Monday8:oo PM, ETNational Board webinar (Resources)