Core Connections Webinars

The National Board has worked to be a professional resource for all teachers during the COVID-19 crisis. See below for access to our webinar series designed for all educators – National Board Certified Teachers, candidates pursuing certification, and any other educators, too. Please join us and feel free to share this information with colleagues.

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11/19Thursday8:00 PM, ETYour Opinion Matters - so share it!
11/14Wednesday7:00 PM, ETPursuing Board Certification in New York
11/5Thursday8:00 PM, ETEducate, Advocate and Influence - How you can change the Future of Education
10/29Thursday5:00 PM, ETSelf-Care for You and Your Students
10/28Wednesday7:00 PM, ETLearn about Maintenance of Certification
10/26Monday5:00 PM, ETPursuing Board Certification in Alabama
10/26Monday7:00 PM, ETWhy Pursue National Board Certification and Getting Started
10/22Thursday8:00 PM, ETEverything You Wanted to Know about Technology for Teaching but Were Afraid to Ask
10/15Thursday5:00 PM, ETIt’s Not Impossible Unless I Say So
10/10Saturday9:00 AM, ETPursuing Board Certification in North Carolina
10/8Thursday8:00 PM, ETRedefining Classroom Management for Online Instruction
10/6Tuesday7:00 PM, ETGetting Starting on Board Certification During the Pandemic
10/1Thursday5:00 PM, ETVirtual Discussions: Synchronous and Asynchronous
9/29Tuesday8:00 PM, ETWhy Pursue National Board Certification
9/29Tuesday4:00 PM, ETPursuing Board Certification in Kentucky

Replays and Resources

Virtual Tools and Platforms
Apps, Apps and More Apps for Learning and Review (Resources)
Creating your Bitmoji Classroom (Resources)
Padlet and Jamboard (Resources)
Platforms, Tools, Applications: Oh My! (Resources)
Remote-Learning During Coronavirus: Use of Public TV (Resources)
Tech Tips for Cyber Safety (Resources)
Using Class Dojo (Resources)
Using Flipgrid (Resources)
Zoom for Virtual Teaching (Resources)
Community and Student and Parent Engagement
Building Community with Educators (Resources)
Building Community with Students (Resources)
Engage and Support Parents - Be a Learning Hero! (Resources)
Engaging Early Adolescence and AYA Students Virtually (11-18)(Resources)
Engaging Early Childhood Students Virtually (ages 3-8)(Resources)
Engaging Middle Level Students (Resources)
Engaging Reluctant Students (Resources)
Let's Take it Offline (Resources)
Mapping the Milestones - A Road Map to a Transition to Summer (Resources)
Teacher Parent Partnership: Research-based tools for a different kind of year (Resources)
The Voice of the Future - students speak about pandemic learning (Resources)
Teacher Self Care and SEL
Cultivating Resiliency in Community During Crisis (Resources)
Finding What Works: Starting School with Needs of Students, Parents and Teachers in Mind (Resources)
Re-set, Re-charge, and Refresh - It's time to recharge your battery! (Resources)
SEL - Caring connections in Cyberspace (Resources)
Self Care: Mindful Meditation (Resources)
Start the Year with Self Care in Mind (Resources)
The Mindful Breath (Resources)
Virtual Learning - General and Designing Lessons
Blended Learning Strategies (Resources)
Core Connections: Blended and Virtual Learning (Resources)
Designing Virtual Learning (Resources)
Experiential Learning done Virtually (Resources)
Learning Keeps Going (Resources)
Project Based Learning: Designing high-quality online content (Resources)
School has begun: Learning from the first week (Resources)
The Art & Science of Creating Unforgettable Learning Experiences with Steve Spangler (Resources)
What it means to be news-literate: the skills students need to be reliably informed (Resources)
Specific Content Area
Art Integration - Hands on Help for Supporting Student Learning with Art (Resources)
Exploring the Misinformation Landscape (Resources)
Special Education in Virtual Inclusion Setting (Resources)
Students with special needs (Resources)
Support Student Learning with Music- Yes, You Can! (Resources)
Teaching literacy in a virtual setting (Resources)
The Reading-Writing Connection with Jen Jones (Resources)
What about Writing? (Resources)
What it means to be news-literate: the skills students need to be reliably informed (Resources)
Equity and Social Justice
An Inquiry in Equity- Belief Framework (Resources)
An Inquiry in Equity- Educator Actions (Resources)
An Inquiry in Equity- Systemic Improvement (Resources)
Creating Equity-Centered Classrooms for All Students (Resources)
Disrupting Education: Advancing Social Justice and Equity in Schools (Resources)
Infiltrating the System: Constructing Spaces for Critical Change (Resources)
Social Justice, Diversity, and Equity in Education (Resources)
Professional Learning
The Foundation of Teaching Core Connections (Resources)
Mapping the Milestones - A Road Map to a Transition to Summer (Resources)
Advocacy for Educators- Let your voice be heard (Resources)
Monday Moxie - Fuel Your Teacher Leadership (Resources)
Growing National Board
Building Partnerships for Funding: Associations, Community, Organizations and Others (Resources)
Developing Strategies for Awareness and Advocacy (Resources)
Moving Forward as an Advocate (Resources)
Policy wins - How to do this in your state (Resources)
Support for National Board Candidates
Best Practices: Building and Examining Data for Program Support (Resources)
Embedding ATLAS into your Candidate Support Program (Resources)
Going Virtual: Transitioning Facilitator Training to virtual (Resources)
Transitioning to Virtual Candidate Support (Resources)
National Board Candidates
Nuts and Bolts of National Board Certification (Resources)
Component 2 (Resources)
Component 3 (Resources)
Component 4 (Resources)