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New York

What are the benefits of being an NBCT in NY?

Financial Incentives

Working with the New York State United Teachers (NYSUT), 265 districts in the state have locally negotiated incentives recognizing National Board Certification or provide financial support for candidates. Incentives include stipends for achievement, salary step increases, and release time.

State Recognition

New York recognizes National Board Certification as a pathway to New York state certification for most comparable state teaching certificates, except special education.

In addition, New York State Education Department regulations allow Continuing Teacher and Leader Education requirements in a five-year cycle to be fulfilled by engaging in the board certification process as well as another five-year cycle to be fulfilled when achieving board certification.

Educational Credits

Universities frequently provide graduate credit to teachers pursuing National Board Certification. Check with your local university to see if graduate credit is a possibility for you.

The National Board Council of New York and NYSUT’s Education and Learning Trust have collaborated with Empire State College to provide three graduate credits for each component. Learn more about the program. Ask your cohort facilitator about this opportunity.

Leadership Opportunities

Board certification can enable teachers to take on leadership roles—such as mentoring, leading professional development efforts, and advocating for policy changes—that allow them to advance their careers while staying in the classroom.

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What support is available?

Fee Support

National Board Certification is supported at the state level in New York through the New York State Education Department’s Albert Shanker Grant Program. In addition, some districts offer fee support.

Through the Shanker Grant, districts have an opportunity to receive $500 reimbursement for support services provided for each candidate (in their year of final submission).

The Shanker Grant also provides funding to eligible teachers to cover a portion of the costs associated with applying for National Board Certification.

In addition, upon completion of all NBC activities, the state will reimburse the initial component fee paid by the candidate. The Albert Shanker Grant may be awarded only once to a given candidate. Please note that funding for the grant program is limited and will be awarded on a first-come, first-served basis. More information and applications are available at the NYSED website.

NYSUT continues to advocate for state funding to maintain and expand availability for the Albert Shanker Grant Program.

Public school teachers not holding tenure and teachers in non-public schools (including charter schools) are not eligible for the Albert Shanker Grant.

Candidate Support

   •   The National Board Council of New York offers support structures for teachers and school districts to pursue the National Board Certification process. NBCNY has more than 50 candidate cohorts across the state.

State highlights

New York is currently partnering with the National Board to increase its number of Board-certified teachers, targeting high-need schools and also working to place them in instructional leadership roles.

Get Involved with a Network

National Board networks in the states offer a range of programs and activities adapted to suit their local needs, including candidate recruitment and support, advocacy training for NBCTs, conferences, and professional learning opportunities for teacher leaders. Networks also are a means to promote regular communication among the National Board, NBCTs, and other teacher leaders and organizations.

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National Board Networks

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National Board Council of New York Network (NBCNY)

New York

The National Board Council of New York (NBCNY) is an affiliate network of the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS). The mission of the NBCNY Network is to engage and support educators, throughout the career continuum, to elevate the profession of teaching and positively impact all students across the state. We provide awareness and establish support and for teachers to pursue the Board Certification process. We also work to increase access to effective NBC support programs by partnering with organizations and training facilitators. We strive to improve student learning through our over 1700 NBCTs. We also strive to increase the number of NBCTs in teacher leader roles and to provide a positive voice for P-20 education.

Each of NY's seven regions has two Regional Coordinators who coordinate support with various educational organizations like NYS Teacher Centers, BOCES and school districts. NBCNY has helped establish over 50 cohorts across the state. Pursuing National Board Certification with supportive colleagues maximizes the experience for teachers. NYSUT‰Ûªs Education and Learning Trust has partnered with NBCNY to offer 3 graduate credits for each component.

Annette Romano, NBCT

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Long Island National Board Network

Long Island, NY

The Long Island National Board Network is an affiliated network with the National Board. We work in conjunction with the National Board Network of New York to extend the reach of the accomplished teaching body of knowledge and the National Board Certification process to the 125 school districts on Long Island; grow, develop, and celebrate Long Island's accomplished teachers; and leverage the expertise and leadership of our NBCTs.

The Long Island National Board Network is the clearinghouse for candidate support on Long Island. We work with NBCNY and NYSUT to train Professional Learning Facilitators and match them with school districts and/or Teacher Centers launching candidate cohorts.

Jennifer Wolfe

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State Contact

National Board Council of New York Network

Annette Romano, NBCT

NYSUT National Board Liaison 

Ellen Sullivan

New York State Education Department Coordinator

Elena F. Bruno

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