Impact on Teacher Candidates’ Practice

ATLAS Study Shows Impact on Teacher Candidates’ Practice

ATLAS, from the National Board, is a video case library that demonstrates effective approaches to teaching and makes accomplished practice accessible for in-service and pre-service teachers. Each case features a board certified teacher in the classroom. More than 1,300 cases include  authentic unedited video, the teacher’s written reflection about the lesson, and related instructional materials.

A recent study found that teacher candidates who used ATLAS indicated ATLAS activities had a moderate to major effect on planning, instruction, and assessment. 93% of teacher candidates remarked that ATLAS was helpful in using assessment to inform instruction. The study sought to answer two questions:

  1. What are teacher candidates’ perceptions of ATLAS’s influence on their thinking about planning, instruction, and assessment?
  2. In what ways, if at all, does the ATLAS written commentary help teacher candidates attend to and reason through important events within classroom activity?

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