Literacy Design Collaborative and National Board for Professional Teaching Standards partner in order to offer educators high quality professional learning opportunities

New York, NY – December 8, 2016 – The Literacy Design Collaborative (LDC) and the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards are pleased to announce their partnership to advance accomplished teaching for all students. With this partnership, the two organizations will work to advance a number of initiatives building on their respective expertise in professional teaching standards and in professional learning for literacy teachers. Collaborations include the creation of a collection of lessons and free-to-teachers professional learning courses hosted by LDC that support developing teacher skills and knowledge in classroom differentiation and teacher reflective practice. 

“The National Board has a long history stewarding the creation of accomplished teaching standards developed and assessed by the profession itself. Use of these standards in the development of high quality professional learning provides a sense of coherence and direction to teachers’ career development. Working with partners like LDC weaves standards for accomplished practice into the daily work of teaching professionals,” said Lisa Stooksberry, National Board Senior Vice President of Standards and Assessment.   

The strength of this relationship is the ability of the two organizations to clearly articulate the connection between LDC’s professional learning resources and National Board Standards for teaching. Both organizations are deeply committed to promoting accomplished teaching practices. LDC’s expertise is in providing high quality professional learning opportunities and resources for teachers to help all of their students meet high standards in their classrooms day-to-day. The National Board Standards for accomplished teaching, written and maintained by teachers, describe what teachers should know and be able to do with their students and within learning communities, guiding high quality professional learning and expectations for successful classroom practice.

This collaboration provides educators across the country a clear and transparent pathway to the professional growth opportunities needed to continue to elevate the profession and serve all students equitably. Both National Board and LDC are committed to standards of practice and professional learning that are for teachers, by teachers and are embedded in the real work of teachers.

“The work of learning to become better and constantly improve is not extra work—it IS the work of the profession. We have outlined a pathway for educators to continue their own professional journey through the work that they are doing every day to serve students. These efforts should be inherently joined, giving teachers an embedded mechanism and plan for improving their skills in real time while building their store of high quality instructional materials to use in their classrooms every day,” said Suzanne Simons, Chief Academic Officer for Literacy Design Collaborative.

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About the Literacy Design Collaborative
The Literacy Design Collaborative (LDC) is a national network of partners and 75,000+ teachers committed to changing the way students experience reading and writing in schools. LDC offers free teacher-created vetted tasks, lessons, and short units that help teachers effectively teach reading, writing, speaking, and listening in all subjects. LDC also offers online and blended professional development, progress monitoring, and collaborative work spaces for teachers and coaches.