Maintenance of Certification Cost Announced

Starting in the 2020-21 cycle, the National Board will provide a new pathway for National Board Certified Teachers (NBCTs) to keep their certification active. Maintenance of Certification (MOC), is being designed based on best practices and teacher feedback to ensure Board-certified teachers continue to grow professionally while maintaining a strong impact on student learning. MOC will replace the Certification Renewal process.

As in other professions, Maintenance of Certification will allow National Board Certified Teachers (NBCTs) to demonstrate to colleagues, the public, students and themselves that they continue to meet high standards of accomplished practice throughout their careers. The goal of MOC is to ensure all NBCTs experience professional learning and growth as a practitioner while maintaining a focus on student learning.

At the National Board we continue to partner with NBCTs and other stakeholders to design, develop and deliver MOC and ensure  it’s a meaningful and valid assessment. We have also committed to sharing information as it becomes available.

Today we can announce that the Maintenance of Certification cost will be $495 plus a $75 registration fee. This reduced cost is consistent with our goal to make the Board certification process more affordable, flexible and accessible to the diverse range of our country’s teachers.

We encourage you to view our new Maintenance of Certification page to learn additional information about MOC and why the National Board’s assessment and certification experts believe that MOC recognizes an NBCT’s authentic application of the Five Core Propositions within learning communities and for the benefit of students.