National Board Applauds Conviction in Derek Chauvin Trial, Providing Justice for George Floyd

Following the conviction of Derek Chauvin for the murder of George Floyd, the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards released the following statement commending the guilty verdict. 

On behalf of the National Board, President and CEO Peggy Brookins, NBCT, said, “Today, justice prevailed over racism, bias, and brutality. By rightfully holding Derek Chauvin accountable for the murder he committed, the jury made a declaration about the value of George Floyd’s life and the lives of all Black people. Systemic racism, inequity, and violence permeate every dimension of American life. Though Chauvin’s conviction is an important step in justice for George Floyd and towards addressing police violence against people of color, the work for lasting structural change continues.”

 “In light of the countless attacks that continue against Black communities, Asian Americans, Latinx and other communities of color, the National Board reaffirms its commitment to being an anti-racist and inclusive organization. We believe that educators must help students consider their role in a diverse world, value individual differences, and celebrate their own identities and cultures. And – especially in times such as these – we believe in the power of the teaching profession to defend what is good and right for all people.” 

The National Board is committed to fostering an education system where teachers promote inclusion, belonging, and anti-racism in values and in practice, and where students and educators alike serve as catalysts for change in our country.