National Board Score Release Update

Due to the impact of the pandemic on communities, schools and the teaching profession, the National Board provided all candidates an opportunity to extend their submission deadline to October 16, 2020 or defer their candidacy until Spring 2021. These changes led to the need to have multiple score releases for candidates in this cycle. The First Renewal Score Release occurred on October 31, 2020.

There are two score releases scheduled:

  1. December 12, 2020: Initial certification candidates who completed Component 1 testing by July 15, 2020 and/or submitted all components by June 12 (did not submit any components after June 12)
  2. February 27, 2021: Initial certification candidates who completed Component 1 testing after July 15, 2020 and/or submitted components after June 12 but by October 16. AND renewal candidates who submitted the Renewal Profile of Professional Growth by October 16.

Certificate Expiration Extensions

As part of our Covid-19 exception processing, NBCTs who chose to complete Certification Renewal during the 2019-20 cycle were provided with an extended submission deadline of October 16, 2020. However, due to scoring time constraints, it was not possible for us to release their renewal results prior to the current expiration of their certificate (November 2020). As such, we have extended their certificate expiration date to February 28, 2021 and their National Board accounts reflect this change. We are currently in the process of updating the NBCT Directory with the new expiration date and expect the updates to be completed by the end of December.

In addition, if a Renewal candidate chose to defer their submission deadline until Spring 2021, their certificate expiration date has been extended to November 2021.

Data Sharing

The multiple score releases impact the way we are able to share data about new and renewed NBCTs. In general, NBCT data will be available after each score release and aggregate data will be available during Team NBCT Week, postponed until March 2021.

Available after each score release

  • Updated NBCT Directory on the National Board website

Available as part of Team NBCT Week (March 2021)

  • State and district rankings
  • State profiles

The National Board remains committed to supporting those that support candidates, especially when connected to financial supports or incentives. If the additional score release and/or timing of the data release impacts your ability to support candidates and new NBCTs, please let us know.

Thank you,

The National Board Team