Terry Holliday Elected Chair of NBPTS Board of Directors

Visionary Educator and Leader Steps In Amidst Important Teacher Recognition

ARLINGTON Va. — December 3, 2015 — The National Board for Professional Teaching Standards announced today that Terry Holliday, Ph.D., has been elected Chairman of the NBPTS Board of Directors, succeeding former West Virginia Gov. Bob Wise who served in the role since 2009. This news coincides with the announcement that 4,729 teachers have achieved or renewed National Board Certification – the profession’s mark of accomplished teaching. Holliday comes to the Board with more than 40 years of classroom teaching and education leadership in district, state and national roles.

“We couldn’t be happier to welcome Terry Holliday to lead our Board of Directors. At the same time, we offer great thanks to our outgoing Chair, Governor Bob Wise who leaves a legacy of significant accomplishments. I partnered extensively with Bob on a range of initiatives and value his insight and expertise. In addition, Bob was tireless in his commitment to the National Board even with his expanding role at the Alliance for Excellent Education,” said Peggy Brookins, National Board Certified Teacher and President and CEO of National Board.

“Like Governor Wise, Dr. Holliday exemplifies the visionary leadership qualities and passion for excellence in education that fully align with the National Board’s mission. Terry is a champion of Board certification and will advance the professionalization for teachers across the country,” added Brookins.

Most recently, Dr. Holliday served as Kentucky’s Commissioner of Education, where he introduced innovative programs, led high student performance and brought national recognition to the state for its education improvement efforts. During his tenure leading Kentucky’s Department of Education, Holliday led numerous national education organizations including the National Assessment Governing Board and the Council of Chief State School Officers. Prior to that, Holliday served as Superintendent of Schools for several school districts in North Carolina. Dr. Holliday has held many positions in school systems since 1972, including director of accountability, school principal, and band director.

“Coming to the National Board is the perfect capstone to my career in education. Throughout my career, especially in my leadership roles, I’ve sought to establish higher standards for teachers because I know that yields better learning for students. The National Board for Professional Teacher Standards advances teaching and learning, and that’s been my goal since I started in this field. It’s especially meaningful to take this role on the very day that the Board announces the names of close to 5,000 teachers achieving or renewing Board certification,” said Holliday.

4,729 Teachers Achieve or Renew Board Certification

“Helping teachers perform at their best is at the heart of the National Board. Today we announce that 1,826 teachers earned their National Board Certification while 2,903 have renewed Board certification. Just as I was when I achieved this milestone, these teachers should be extraordinarily proud as they have met the profession’s highest standards. The public should be equally pleased because these teachers have measurable knowledge and skills that will advance student learning,” said Brookins.

Through National Board Certification, teachers demonstrate that their teaching meets the profession’s standards for accomplished practice through a rigorous, peer-reviewed and performance-based process, similar to professional certification in fields such as medicine. More than a decade of research confirms that students taught by Board-certified teachers learn more than students taught by other teachers.

“The process of achieving this level of accomplishment forced me to develop my skills in ways that I couldn’t have imagined and it makes me even more confident in my classroom practice. I believe profoundly in Board certification because it reinforces the public trust and helps build the profession. Most of all, it helps me help students achieve,” said new Board-certified teacher, Michael Dunlea of Manahawkin, New Jersey.

With more than 112,000 Board-certified teachers across the US, thousands of students in every state benefit daily from teachers performing at the top of their craft. This year marks a transition point for Board certification. It was announced in 2013 that the certification process would be revised to address the latest research and reduce barriers so that even more students can learn from Board-certified teachers. The pool of teachers already engaged in the process to earn Board certification in 2017 is in excess of 10,000.

“Knowing that my arrival coincides with the announcement of this year’s Board-certified teachers reinforces for me the role that the National Board can play across all districts in all 50 states. I’m so proud to contribute to this important organization. I can tell you firsthand that teaching quality is the most significant factor in student success. The National Board is helping transform what we mean by excellence in the classroom by challenging even the best teachers to develop themselves,” said Holliday.

Throughout December the Board will celebrate National Board Certified Teachers, recognizing their work, their leadership and the value they add to student learning. We encourage others to join the celebration at #teamNBCT.