California Black Educator Initiative

The National Board for Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS) has a new initiative to recruit Black educators in California to become National Board Certified Teachers (NBCTs) over the next three years.

The California Black Educator Initiative (CBEI) focuses on supporting 900 Black educators, predominantly in the Los Angeles area, through the board certification process. The program will offer financial incentives, opportunities for community building, professional learning, and other support.

By enhancing support programs, fostering candidate retention, and creating more leadership opportunities, the CBEI will increase the number of Black NBCTs and improve teacher retention and outcomes for students, parents, and communities. This is a beacon of hope for the future of education in California.

Meet the CBEI Team


Battle-Holt, NBCT

Director, Strategic Partnerships, West Coast – California Black Educator Initiative


Mora Pressley

Manager, Strategic Partnerships, West Coast – California Black Educator Initiative

Program Features

Certification Support

  • Financial Incentives
  • Mentorship Programs
  • Workshops and Training Session

Professional Development

  • Continuous Learning Opportunities
  • Skill Enhancement Workshops

Community Building

  • Professional Learning Communities
  • Annual Conferences

Administrator Incentive

  • Funding Support
  • Professional Mentorship
  • School Improvement

Retention Initiatives 

  • Wellness and Support Services
  • Career Advancement Paths 
  • Recognition Programs

California's Accelerated Growth

The National Board Certification Incentive Program in California went into effect July 1st, 2021 and grants $5,000 per year to teachers who have achieved National Board Certification and teach at a high priority school as identified by the California Department of Education.

Research Component

The California Black Educator Initiative also includes a valuable research component that will provide a solid foundation for maintaining and expanding funding support in the future. By leveraging the lessons learned, this initiative can be used as a model to be replicated in other states.

Dates & Deadlines

  • Southern California Kick-off Event September 7, 2024
  • Northern California Kick-off Event September 21, 2024

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