Audra Damron, NBCT

Audra Damron is a preschool teacher at a 5-star Quality First Highest Quality program in Phoenix, Arizona. She has received the Rodel Exemplary Teacher of Early Childhood Award as well as the Teacher Impact Grant, one of only 17 in the country. She is currently working towards National Board Certification, completing component 4 this year.  
Time to Reflect
Audra Damron, NBCTJanuary 25, 2018

The National Board certification process is akin to glimpsing into a reflection pool. Looking in, you see the best parts of what is happening in your classroom, your teaching practices and the areas that still need some work. I tell fellow educators that because of this, National Board certification is truly the greatest professional development I can recommend to teachers who want to fine tune their craft and grow to be the best they can be. So upon receiving the news that I officially certified and can put those four coveted letters behind my name – NBCT – I thought…

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National Board Certification: Journey to Becoming an Accomplished Teacher
Audra Damron, NBCTApril 6, 2017

Editor’s Note: This blog post has been reposted with permission from the author. See the original post here. In the Fall of 2014, I hit a fork in the road. No longer a new teacher, with 4 years of teaching under my belt, I wanted to take the first step in becoming a lifelong learner. I looked into two options: working towards a Masters degree or obtaining National Board Certification. Both would allow me to obtain additional knowledge that would benefit me in my classroom, provide a pay increase, and require time, effort and hard work to be successful. But…

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