Colleen McDonald, NBCT

Colleen McDonald is a native of New York.  During her 32-year career as a NYS public educator, Colleen has worked as a special education teacher, administrator, and English teacher. After achieving National Board Certification, Colleen served as a classroom teacher, department chairperson, grant writer, and candidate support provider, as well as working with the Greater Capital Region Teacher Center on projects related to professional development. Colleen is also a member of the NYS Professional Standards and Practices Board as well as the NYS Commissioner’s Advisory Council. During her last two years in public education, she served as a Teacher on Special Assignment to be the New York State SEED grant Site Director, co-director of the National Board Council of New York and program manager for an NEA Great Public Schools Grant. Recently retired, she continues that work.

Building Community: One at a Time

June 25, 2020

Yesterday a local farmer stopped me. “COLLEEEEEENNNN” his voice boomed from his truck across the yard, “I GOT A QUESTION FOR YA’, are teachers still gettin’ their full salary?” With schools still shuttered, students and teachers working from home, the budget vote just behind us, and mail-in ballots still waiting to be counted, this taxpayer was concerned. Unfortunately many are under the false assumption that with school now forcing students and teachers to work out of their homes, that teachers are in some way doing less, or not doing their full-time job which typically means 20, 25, or 125 students…

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Caring. Reflection. Accomplished Practice in Life.

November 29, 2016

This past June, I retired.  As a 32-year educator, a National Board Certified Teacher (NBCT) achieved and renewed; I knew this was going to be an interesting adventure.    And what have I discovered? My identity hasn’t changed. I still strive to be “accomplished” in what I do, by being analytic and reflective. Collaborative. By inviting critical feedback and feeding the need to learn. I continue to seek community. So while I have put down my chalk, grade book and building ID, what has become focused, without the hectic bustle of school, is how the thinking of accomplished practice resonates…

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