Mika Hunter Twietmeyer, NBCT

Mika Hunter Twietmeyer is in her 10th year as a science teacher at Riverside High School in Durham. She is National Board-certified, serves as a mentor for student teachers and new teachers, and is a university instructor for the Duke MAT Program. Twietmeyer is a Hope Street Group NC Teacher Voice fellow and an active member of the Durham Association of Educators (NEA affiliate).

Teachers need to be selfish when choosing PD – and thatโ€™s okay!

March 23, 2018

The most inspiring and refreshing professional development (PD) that I have experienced in the past few years was a two-night nature journaling adventure during one of the coldest February weekends I can remember. It was the winter of my 9th year of teaching. There was limited internet, activities that I had never attempted before, and lots of quiet time spent both inside and outside. We spent hours outside watching birds, writing in our journals, and traversing through rugged trails on scavenger hunts. We were captivated by our teacher, Megan, who waded knee deep through an icy ephemeral pond to collect…

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