Preparing for MOC

  1. As an NBCT, verify when your National Board certification expires because that will determine when you will complete the MOC process. You can use the MOC calendar to determine when you will need to extend your certificate
  2. Read the Guide to MOC. This information will help you determine your next steps as you plan for and engage in Maintenance of Certification. Take time to read all the information provided in this guide prior to registering, paying close attention to the important dates and deadlines.
  3. Begin to reflect on your professional growth and to identify professional growth experiences. The MOC process will require you to describe, analyze, and reflect on how two of your Professional Growth Experiences (PGEs), teaching practice, and collaboration in learning communities continues to align with the Five Core Propositions, the current National Board Standards for your area of certification, and the Architecture of Accomplished Teaching. These PGEs are ongoing and varied activities in which you engage and that contribute to your positive impact on student learning. Both PGEs will require a written commentary in response to prompts and evidence that supports that commentary and demonstrates positive impact on student learning.
  4. Start thinking about which of your two PGEs you could demonstrate through a video-recorded lesson with students in the content area and developmental level of your original NBCTs, no matter their current role or teaching assignment, can create the required video by guest teaching a rostered group of students in the content area and developmental level of their original certificate.
  5. Consult the MOC instructions for the MOC requirements. The instructions have information to help you reflect on your own professional growth and consider what evidence you might collect that demonstrates the impact of the activities in which you are engaged. Read through the instructions to understand the evaluation criteria. Carefully reflect on your professional growth over the years since becoming an NBCT or since renewing if you have renewed your certification. Think about the PGEs you engage in. Consider which experiences have had the most significant impact on student learning and that demonstrate how you have continued to grow as a professional in a variety of areas. Plan to select experiences that most effectively highlight your growth in certificate-specific areas that have directly or indirectly had an impact on student learning in your field of certification and that have been ongoing.
  6. You may want to contact your state or local program administrator to locate information about incentives for maintaining certification available in your state.
  7. You may want to explore Supplemental Resources for Candidates created by candidate support providers.
  8. The planner  in the MOC instructions provides guidance on how you might approach preparing for MOC as part of your ongoing practice and professional growth.