Board Certification the Norm

At the National Board, we work with states, districts and teachers associations to make Board certification the norm—building a path from teacher preparation to networks of peer support to help teachers achieve certification.


I recommend that all states and districts gather their key education stakeholders together and collaborate. We built bridges and are in close alliance with bipartisan politicians. That is how we are achieving our goal of dramatic improvement so rapidly and effectively

Betsy Giles, NBCT, Clark County Education Association, NV.

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Building Accomplished Teaching for Native American Students

Since 2015, the National Board has been working with the Bureau of Indian Education (BIE) to achieve the goal of having 1,000 Board-certified teachers across the 183 BIE and tribally-operated schools in the United States. Since its inception, this project has engaged more than 450 affiliated teachers and seen a 25% increase in the number of National Board Certified Teachers.

Through this project, the National Board aims to:

BIE affiliated teachers are saying…

My students have benefited the most. Through this process I have become better at using formative assessment to drive instruction in order to help my students achieve learning targets.

I feel that all professional teachers should challenge themselves to develop their craft when given the opportunity. The BIE afforded this opportunity and I am grateful.