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Persevering Through My Journey to National Board Certification
Susan Collins, NBCTDecember 15, 2017

I wanted to love teaching. I wanted to be creative and enjoy watching my students learn. I had hit mid-career burnout, and I hated it! I needed to find my purpose and passion again. Was it possible? I knew about…

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Podcast: Pushing to Succeed
Joanna Schimizzi, NBCTDecember 12, 2017

Joanna Schmizzi, NBCT was inspired by other educators in her department to pursue Board certification, and now she inspires teachers and students alike. The certification process encouraged her to push herself to be a lifelong learner, but it also made…

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John Lewis – The Greatest Living American!
Doug Graney, NBCTDecember 4, 2017

My Political Science class and my Philosophy class met a man who I consider to be “The Greatest Living American.” Congressman John Lewis is one of the giants of the Civil Rights era. Early on, he participated in sit-ins in…

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