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Policy and Advocacy

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decade’s worth of research shows that the students of Board-certified teachers learn more than their peers. 

The National Board works with an array of partners across K-12 education to elevate the profession and help ensure that every student has access to accomplished, Board-certified teachers.

Policy Priorities

Our policy priorities are focused on building a continuum in the teaching profession, so that Board certification becomes the norm as it is in other professions, such as medicine:

 Build the Pipeline to Accomplished Teaching and Board Certification 

 Raise Teaching Standards by Investing in Board Certification 

 Spread the Expertise of Board-Certified Teachers

Working at Every Level

Local and State
More than half of all states and countless districts offer support for their teachers to pursue and achieve National Board Certification. These often include fee support, conditional loans and/or salary incentives. Board-certified teachers and other stakeholders are working to increase support and awareness of the impact of Board certification across the map. To see what support might exist in your state, click here.

As the largest body of accomplished teachers in America, Board-certified teachers are recognized as experts in what works and are often sought out to lead improvement efforts in their schools and districts. The National Board works with NBCT Networks across the country to connect Board-certified teachers to state legislators and other leaders in their area to shape effective education policy.

The National Conference of State Legislatures’ recent report, Today’s Board Certification for Teachers: Answers To Legislators’ Questions, provides the latest information about National Board Certification and the certification process, research on the effectiveness of Board-certified teachers, and state policies that legislators can use to strengthen teaching through Board certification. Building on the foundation of that report, this follow-up guide with model policy language offers concrete illustrations of policy exemplars.

Expert teachers must guide policymaking. The National Board works to find opportunities for accomplished teachers to share their expertise directly, including through Congressional hearings and briefings. Board-certified teachers have testified before Congress on diverse issues such as teacher development, early childhood education and testing and accountability.

In March 2014, 19 Board-certified teachers participated in a Congressional forum weighing the benefits of medical-style residency training for teachers. (See press release or view the video.)

The National Board works closely with Congress and the U.S. Department of Education to shape legislation, including the reauthorization of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act ("No Child Left Behind") and proposed federal regulations related to teacher preparation.

The Power of Many

Board-certified teachers today account for only a small fraction of the the nation's 3 million teachers. We cannot achieve our ambitious vision on our own, which is why we partner with the national teachers associations, the NEA and AFT, and other leading groups in coalitions to shape the national conversation on teaching and learning, including the Coalition for Teaching Quality and the Partnership for 21st Century Skills.

Click here to download resources for advocacy.  >>