Jada Reeves, NBCT

Jada Reeves is a 5th grade teacher at Bradley Elementary in Mt. Hope, WV. She received an undergraduate degree from Concord University and a Masters Degree as a Reading Specialist from Marshall University. She became Nationally Board Certified in Early and Middle Childhood Literacy in 2013. She is currently pursing certification in administration. Jada is an online facilitator for the eLearning Program through WVDE. She is also the Lead Coordinator for the Southern WV National Board Certification Cohort through the WV Center for Professional Development. She serves on her school’s Local School Improvement Council, Instructional Practices Inventory Team, Leadership, and Wellness Committees as well as Raleigh County’s Innovative Team for Professional Development. Mrs. Reeves serves her community with her volunteer efforts with youth sports. Currently, she is actively involved in the Southwest Youth Football and Beckley Jr. Eagle Wrestling Leagues. Jada is also an assistant wrestling and track coach for a local middle school and was previously a volunteer coach with many other youth teams. It is her desire to encourage young individuals to expend their efforts into always improving. She hopes to instill dedication, perseverance and persistence into her pupil’s character. Becoming better is a never-ending pursuit that she portrays to them as a life goal. Whether that be on the field, the classroom, or in the race of life. Excitement is contagious and it shows in her classroom. Mrs. Reeves is a passionate teacher whose main goal is for her students to love learning because it is fun!

My Journey to West Virginia State Teacher of the Year

December 5, 2018

I was broken down and defeated. I did not love teaching anymore.  I was doing the same thing over and over and was bored. I needed a change.  I even contemplated changing careers. Then, one day, I was assisting in a 2nd grade classroom.  I look back and remember where I was in that room and which desks I was standing beside when the thought came through my head:  I need to do something!  I began thinking back to my college days when our professors spoke to us of National Board Certification.  I knew I always wanted to achieve this…

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Passionate About Teaching

August 6, 2018

This past year was my 15th teaching.  The group that was entering my fifth grade class had been a challenge ever since they entered the school.  I did not let this interfere with how I was going to teach them. This group of students ended up being one of my favorite groups.  During the school year, I was even chosen as teacher of the year for my school. I went on to compete at the county level and was chosen as my county’s teacher of the year. In June, I was selected as one of the top five finalists for…

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