Cost and Payment Plan

The National Board assessment is grouped into four components. With each of the four components costing $475, the total cost of certification is $1,900. Candidates can pay for and submit each component separately, effectively spreading the cost out over up to three years.

There is a $75 non refundable registration fee for each year a candidate is completing components. 

Candidates who choose to retake components will be required to pay the $475 fee or, for Component 1, pay $125 per exercise and/or the Selected Response section.

The cost to complete Maintenance of Certification is $495 plus a $75 registration fee. 

Many states and districts offer financial support or assistance to candidates pursuing National Board Certification. Find out if your state or district offers financial support here.

Payment Plan

The National Board payment plan is available to any candidate pursuing National Board certification or MOC, including retakes. 

The payment plan offers the following benefits:

  • It’s quick and easy to set up
  • You can spread the cost of your component(s) over six equal monthly installments (about $80 per component per month)
  • No interest or fees and no credit check

You will be able to initiate the payment plan through the registration deadline.

Note: You will need a National Board account to sign up for the payment plan (Not a candidate? Create your National Board account here).

Log in to your National Board account and select your component. Then select the payment plan while checking out to complete your purchase (video link or screenshots).

Additional details and resources

Applying Third Party Funds

Some states, districts, and organizations provide monetary support to candidates undergoing the National Board certification process. Thanks to feedback from teachers like you, the National Board has revamped the process for purchasing components for those who are using this option.

You will be able to apply third party funds through the registration deadline.

Additional details and resources