National Board Homeroom

Session 1

Suggested Timeline:
Office Hours Opportunity:
September 13, 2023

Live Office Hours Opportunity: September 13, 2023

  • Preview the National Board certification process
  • Learn how to create your account and register
  • Understand how to pay for certification
  •  Read the National Board Standards


Your task:

What is YOUR "why" for pursuing Board certification?

  • Write it on a Post-it and place it somewhere you will see it often. 
  • Take a picture or video of your post-it and share it on social media. Tag @nbpts and #NBCTStrong #NB2B

Your task:

Create your account and register.

Create your account and register by paying the $75 annual fee. You will still need to pay for your component purchases. See “Payment Options” above. 

Consider creating a plan for how you will tackle the four components (or use the plan given to you by your candidate support program). You may also use this tool to help you plan. 


download, bookmark, and/or print
Equity in the National Board Process and in Your Practice
  • Equity Webinar Recording and Resources
    • As you begin to plan your lessons/unit for the year, take time to watch the webinar on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the National Board Process.
      • Determine what new practices you may want to implement this year.
time management

Your task:

Take time to read your National Board Standards. Use two differently-colored writing utensils to determine the following:

  • Where do you currently see your practice in action in the standards?
  • Where do you currently see growth opportunities for your practice?

Last day to register/choose components is February 29, 2024. Please visit Customer Support if you have any questions.

Moment of Joy!

You’ve taken a HUGE step in your professional career. Take time to soak that in! Share with your colleagues, administration, and family/friends! Share your commitment to pursuing National Board by using the hashtag #NB2B and tag @nbpts on any social media you use!