National Board Homeroom

Session 2

  • Review the Four Components
  • Understand how to apply the standards to your evidence collection
  • Analyze rubrics and scoring guides



Only focus on the component(s) you are working on for THIS school year. You may be working on Component 1 as well; a deep dive on that will come in a later session.

Release forms
Component 3
Collecting Evidence
  • Certificate-Specific Instructions

    Review the Certificate-Area Instructions to find specific guidance on what evidence you will be collecting for your chosen Component(s). Each certificate area has different requirements. 

    Log in to ensure you have chosen the correct certificate area and developmental level. You will not be able to change these after registration has closed March 22, 2024. See dates and deadlines here.

Your task:

Register/pay for your components.

Register/pay for your components if you have not done so.  See dates and deadlines here.

Please refer back to “Payment Options” in Session 1 for information on paying for Components, especially if being funded by a Third Party Payer.

Moment of Joy!

Do some self-care. This module has so much information; take breaks and do something you enjoy–take a walk, get in a good workout, cook a delicious meal, grab dinner with friends or family, or take a nap. It doesn’t have to be much, but take some time for YOU!


Just like you may provide a rubric to students, the National Board also provides the rubrics that will be used to assess your submissions.

Finding and reviewing the Rubrics
  • Review the Certificate-Area instructions to find rubrics. You will find the rubrics at the end of the Instructions document. You should keep these rubrics handy while you collect evidence. You will also need to review them as you write about the evidence you collect.
Scoring guide

Review Understanding Your Score

      • Tip: Page 5 provides a visual of the levels of scoring
      • Use this score calculator to measure the impact of possible scores.

Your task:

Review rubrics Level 3 and Level 4

Look at rubrics Level 3 and Level 4 and determine the differences between the two. Highlight the differences in language.

  • As you collect your evidence, continue to refer to the rubrics to ensure your evidence matches what the rubric is asking of you.

Please click here to see deadline for registration and paying for components. Please visit Customer Support if you have any questions.

Moment of Joy!

Take time to share with your students why you are pursuing National Board Certification. Ask them to write about something brave they’ve done and share it with each other! Or, feel free to take some time to connect with folks in your candidate support provider or through other social media channels that are also pursuing Board Certification.