National Board Homeroom

Session 3

Suggested Timeline:
Late December-February
Office Hours Opportunity:
December 13, 2023, at 7 PM EST and February 7, 2024, at 7 PM EST

Live Office Hours Opportunity: December 13, 2023 at 7PM EST and February 7, 2024 at 7PM EST

  • Plan and write your written commentaries for the components you are working on this school year
  • Receive guidance on how to complete feedback rounds 
  • Begin planning Component 1



General portfolio instructions
  • Register for ATLAS
    • ATLAS is a video library of past Component 3 submissions, which are paired with their written commentaries. 

Your task:

Who will provide feedback?

  • Determine who will be providing feedback to you for your writing (whether it is someone in your candidate support group or colleagues/friends/family). 
  • Ensure readers are focused on CONTENT rather than GRAMMAR. Please refer to the scoring rubrics for ways in which you can provide guidance to them on what to look for. You can also share this feedback tool with them.
  • Prepare to have THREE ROUNDS of feedback.

Register/pay for your components.

Register/pay for your components if you have not done so. Please refer back to the Payment Options video in Session 1 for help with paying for Components especially if being funded by a Third Party Payer. Note: You will still need to pay for your Components. Please see “Payment Options” in Session 1.

Your task:

Designate Time.

  • Designate clear time boundaries to write. Use this door sign if it is helpful. Continue to refer to the Five Core Propositions, Standards, and Architecture of Accomplished Teaching. 
  • As a reminder from the writing video from the NBRC: Copy and paste the bullet-pointed questions within your written commentary or in the comments (per the video) to make sure that you are answering each question. 
  • You will delete these at the end, but have them there through the drafting process to help others and yourself know what is being asked. 


Feedback rounds

Your task:

1. If possible, complete three full rounds of feedback.

2. Look over Component 1 Guidelines


Please see testing window dates here

The Component 1 webinar recording and study tools are in Session 4. If you need testing accommodations, please click here.


Last day to register/choose components is February 29, 2024. Please visit Customer Support if you have any questions.

Moment of Joy!

As you are writing and reflecting, jot down and share (with friends, family, and your candidate support provider, on social media) 3 ah-ha moments you’ve experienced so far this school year. What are moments that have brought a smile to your face?